General Aviation Pilots


Aircraft pilots are increasingly concerned about colliding with drones and sustaining property damage or physical injury. Drone Traffic's drone-avoidance product can be a valuable safety tool in a pilot's electronic flight bag.



 Drones can further endanger firefighting pilots who already face the perils of large fires. Drone use caused the shutdown of at least nine, and the hindrance of at least 20, aerial firefighting efforts in 2019. The Drone Traffic solution reduces interference with aerial firefighting, and collisions with drones, by alerting to drones entering the affected airspace.

Emergency Medical Services


Medical emergency flight operations have been hampered in recent years by drones entering their flight paths. Tammy Chatman, public information officer for Flight for Life, has said "we can’t see the drones, especially at night...we can’t avoid what we cannot see.” The Drone Traffic avoidance system solves this problem by detecting the presence of potentially dangerous drones.

Tour Flights


Tour guides in sightseeing hotspots such as Hawaii, Japan, Antarctica, Alaska, New York City, and the Grand Canyon share airspace with recreational drone operators.The Drone Traffic product helps pilots see drones operating unsafely within busy tourist areas.