Figure from US Patent Numbers 10,424,207 and 10,083,614, both issued to Drone Traffic LLC

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Drone presence can make airspace unsafe. A system-wide alerting system increases situational awareness of nearby drone activity. 

Drone Traffic offers software services that create safer skies by reducing drone collision risk for piloted aircraft. Drone Traffic also offers software and hardware solutions for detecting and reporting errant drones in airspace. 

A software product is in the works. Drone Traffic and its partner Mosaic ATM have been awarded a research and development contract from NASA to create an airborne drone monitoring, reporting, and avoidance system, which will be available in 2020. A rich graphical user interface will provide current flight status, future trajectory information, and safety-focused drone warning information embedded within 2D and 3D mapping displays. It will leverage see and avoid technologies to gather and share data of drones behaving badly. 

Drone Traffic

Underlying these solutions are multiple issued and pending patents, including Patent Nos. 10,424,207 and 10,083,614, both issued to Drone Traffic LLC.